Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"twinscraftlife's 1st lucky draw" ♥

Hi guys..c0me and join the 1st GA a.k.a LUCKY DRAW prop0sed by twinscraftlife 

this bl0g is actually i f0und myself by track her bw to mine. 1st appearance of the bl0g. i f0und it 0wesome c0z i luv the little tiny tag, p0uch, n0te and so0ooo many cute thing there (u must visit ur 0wn). i keep hunting for the thing i want s0 bad and placed my 0rder...hahaha..wat a gel0joh rite? not really..hihi

I also ask her t0 make lapt0p p0uch. She give a beseem feedback of my email..al0ng with a few sketch design... what a l0vely person rite?

bel0w is the term & c0ndition made by the 0wner. Check it 0ut!~

Terms and Conditions:
1. the LUCKY DRAW is open to all follow bloggers (means must have blog and follow)
2. the Lucky Draw Starts on 22 March ~ and ends  on 22 April 2011.

1. Follow twinscraftlife.
2. Just put an entry regarding "twinscraftlife's 1st lucky draw" ♥ and put it as title.
3. Put the Banner above and link it with our blog. (click and save)
4. Send your name, blog link ..etc by filling in the "LUcky DRaw ♥♥♥" form at the right sidebar.
5. Tag min 3 other bloggers and let them know about the lucky draw and twinscraftlife.
     (the more the merrier~~ mwhaahahat)
pers0n i tag mean i luv u..hik3 and also sk0deng/bw during my free time

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